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Tips to decide the best web design company in India

  Is your business losing grip on your customers and market? Is it becoming less popular and losing its prominence? So, have you tried to find out the reason or factors responsible for it? If initially your business was flourishing well than all your competitors and now it is failing to excel instead of hundreds … Continue reading

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Few mobile marketing trends you need to consider

  With the surplus increase in smart phones and mobile phones, today almost everyone uses his phone to open websites and complete his tasks. The smart phones have completely changed the way people used to surf the internet, visit websites, purchase products and services, etc. As the world is becoming more reliant on smart phones … Continue reading

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Facebook launches new feature for Instant articles in Messenger!

  The most preferred and widely used social networking platform in the world– Facebook, announced that the instant articles; which were till now not available in the Messenger app, will now no longer be limited to the main Facebook app. If you are an android user then you can now view instant articles directly in … Continue reading

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Simple SEO tips for 2016 startups businesses

  The journey of making it big from an initial or starting point is never easy whether you have an e-commerce business or traditional business company. With day to day advancement in technologies and changing Google trends, online marketing has become a little scary for online startup businesses. With the endless competition you need to … Continue reading

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You only need an AdWords account to access Keyword Planner

Have you recently accessed Google AdWords’ Keyword Planner? Are you too facing issues while accessing this popular keyword research tool? Wait. Let me clear this. From past couple of weeks, there has been some confusion about an error some search marketers and SEO people have received while trying to access the popular keyword research tool- … Continue reading

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Google launches to new features under AdSense Labs to test

Hello readers, we are BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd and we are an internationally acclaimed web solution service provider located in Noida, India. Today, we are going to introduce you a new feature of Google –Google AdSense Labs. Google on Wednesday 22/16/2016 launched AdSense Labs. It is a new sub-tab under the category of optimization tab … Continue reading

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Website designing company India for creative designing

The medium of internet which is an abode for millions of mobile applications and websites which has easily made the lives of numerous peoples around the world quite easy. There are various websites which are present in the arena and which basically enables people for daily things like shopping of numerous commodities, submitting the application … Continue reading

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Responsive web design is the key to success for your online business

  The creation of responsive and adaptive web designs is one of those milestones which have completely transformed the web industry and technology. Now a day, people hardly turn towards a desktop to visit a website or search for the information they require. They simply search it on their smart phones, i-phone or tablet. Almost … Continue reading

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You must consider these points before hiring an SEO company

Let’s say you have an online e-commerce business and you are looking for a competent SEO company in India. Now, how will you search and choose the one? Will you just type “Best SEO Company in India” on Google and make a call from the top 10 SEO companies? This task of choosing the best … Continue reading

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How to find the Best Web Design Company India

Internet which is a home for millions of web and mobile application which have made the lives of many peoples around the world very easy. There are numerous websites which are there in the world and which enables us to day various day to day things like banking, shopping of various commodities, submit the application … Continue reading

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