Few mobile marketing trends you need to consider


With the surplus increase in smart phones and mobile phones, today almost everyone uses his phone to open websites and complete his tasks. The smart phones have completely changed the way people used to surf the internet, visit websites, purchase products and services, etc. As the world is becoming more reliant on smart phones the mobile marketing becomes more crucial and essential for e-commerce and online businesses. The sooner you get trained on mobile marketing the better it will be for your business.

There are certain mobile marketing trends which need to be followed in order to walk hand in hand with this modern trend. You can also opt for a competent online marketing company in Noida who could help you with these trends which include-

Mobile Apps in Google search result pages- Google is planning to widen its first-page search results to include mobile apps. Now with this change you can also find Google Play and iTunes recommendations on the first page.

Instagram Ads- As the user base of Instagram is growing day by day, some bigger online brands have even started to market their products and services on this steadily growing social networking platform. Although the crowd is pretty thin but in coming years it will be the great place to market and sell your services. So, if you haven’t one, it is the right time to get an Instagram marketing strategy.

Social platforms for direct sale- With Facebook, Instagram and other social networks pushing the e-commerce side and business, the line between e-commerce business and social networks has been blurred. It is the perfect time to take advantage of this and start using social media platforms for direct sales.

Multi-device marketing- With plenty of different devices being used today which include smart watches and tablets, and laptops, etc. not all the mobile marketing is going to be received through smart phones only. So, you need to take considerations into this and your mobile marketing strategies should reflect that.

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