Google launches to new features under AdSense Labs to test

Hello readers, we are BPT Solutions Pvt. Ltd and we are an internationally acclaimed web solution service provider located in Noida, India. Today, we are going to introduce you a new feature of Google –Google AdSense Labs.


Google on Wednesday 22/16/2016 launched AdSense Labs. It is a new sub-tab under the category of optimization tab which will enable you to test few new features.  The Google AdSense Labs is the place where you can find, test and give your valuable feedbacks on the first two new features on which the company is working hard to launch. The first two features we will be able to find and test is Show Fewer Ads and Inline Ads. Also, there is no need to worry if you do not find a particular Lab you were looking for or expecting at a particular website as not all Labs are made or suitable for all websites. So, here are the two new features-

Show Fewer Ads- This feature cuts down the number or frequency of ads that are shown to your users in exchange for an inconsequential drop in the revenue. Google aims to reduce at least 10% of ads that are served on your site by preventing low-value ads to be shown to users. This will have no impact on the revenue as this will cause just 1% or less than that of your revenue.

Inline Ads- Inline Ads are those which are automatically or by default attached to your mobile website as soon as a user scrolls down the page. With the introduction of Inline Ads, you will not have to write down the logic to dynamically insert ads units on your website page.

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